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David W. Fuller, Sr.

David W. Fuller, Sr.
Phone: (414) 336-9942
Email: david.fuller@ictuscomm.com

David W. Fuller, Sr.

President & Chief Executive Officer

David has been working with computers since the mid 1980’s, cutting his teeth on the earliest DOS-based language and 115 baud modems to today's high-speed broadband VOIP networks with GUI interfaces.

Mr. Fuller literally “grew” with the computer industry from the ground up. This enabled him to develop an in-depth understanding of how computers are physically engineered, giving ICTUS an edge over some of today’s manufactured point–and–click technicians.

The United States Navy provided Mr. Fuller with additional skills while serving as an electronics technician from 1989 – 1995. It was while serving during “Desert Storm” and “Restore Hope” that he really absorbed the importance of communication and teamwork while responsible for ship–to–ship and ship–to–aircraft communications.

Upon his honorable discharge, Mr. Fuller entered the field of telecommunications, expanding his electronics knowledge to include business telephone systems, voicemails, ACD/UCD call centers and more. After more than two decades in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Fuller has developed both the knowledge and the experience of working on over 100+ types of phone systems and related applications.

In 2010, Mr. Fuller, along with his wife, founded ICTUS Communication LLC, combining Christian faith values with military experience in precision. This venture also fostered the merging of Mr. Fuller’s passion for computers and telecom technology to provide a wide range of options for today’s business environment — able to serve business with their entire communication and networking needs.

Chelle M. Fuller

Chelle M. Fuller
Phone: (414) 336-8476
Email: chelle.fuller@ictuscomm.com

Chelle M. Fuller

Chief Financial Officer

Chelle’s background focused on sales, sales support and sales administration for more than 20 years. While working for a corporate valuation and advisory firm, Mrs. Fuller was exposed to a whole new area of sales — marketing — and subsequently, graphic design and website programming.

Previously, Mrs. Fuller did not know that HTML, PHP, MySql, CSS or Javascript existed. While using the internet on an as needed basis, she never gave much thought to the technical requirements or programming that worked behind the scenes. This all changed when the company she worked for decided to launch a new marketing initiative — a company newsletter.

The concept of the newsletter had been around for some time and was a hot topic of dicussion during sales meetings and teleconferences. An outside firm was retained to develop the design and program the newsletter for distribution. Unfortunately, this all came about around the same time as Office 2007 was being deployed internally within the company. The design company did not have Office 2007 and did not know how significantly it impacted electronic communications, like newsletters. Faced with the challenges of an impending deadline, a lack of understanding of the technical issues, and working with an outside firm, she took it upon herself to try to figure it all out over an extended weekend. And figure it out, she did!

Her ability to identify the issues and learn the programming requirements enabled her to redesign the basic structure of the newsletter, resolving all conflicts. More importantly, her professional role and skills continued to evolve as the company underwent a complete rebrand. The rebranding and subsequent marketing played a critical role. While the initial design concept of the rebrand was not originally developed by Mrs. Fuller, she played an important role in effecting its implementation. Her involvement in the project included writing content for the site; modifying logos, graphics and images; and collaborating on a redesign of the company newsletter. These skills were further leveraged in the development of a second, quarterly newsletter and by the company’s sister company, a liquidation firm, for the design of print and electronic advertising.

Today, Mrs. Fuller’s list of accomplishments includes graphic design for advertising; image manipulation in support of articles and publications; the design and programming of newsletters, intranet, websites and email marketing campaigns; and the design of various sales and marketing materials. In 2010, in a joint venture with her husband, Mrs. Fuller left the corporate environment to be home with her family. Recognizing the value of her skillset, Mr. Fuller opted to expand the services offered by ICTUS to include marketing, website design and implementation, and virtual assistance — all with a focus on providing quality workmanship at an affordable rate.

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