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Time flies in the computer world — in a few short years, certain hardware can already be outdated or obsolete. It can be hard to know which equipment should be replaced to achieve the results that you want. Replace the wrong piece of equipment and you will have extended funds unnecessarily only to achieve the status quo. ICTUS can review all of your current hardware and make a knowledgable recommendation on which pieces should be upgraded or replaced without negatively affecting your personal enjoyment or your business’ bottom line.

Do you have a computer that seems to be processing too slowly, as if the hamsters in their cages have stopped running? While this is a humerous question to consider, if the answer is “yes”, your productivity or that of your employees could be severely diminished. Sometimes restoring productivity could be something as simple as cleaning out some files and running general diagnostics on your computer. You may need an additional memory card or to have the hard drive repaired. You may not have to invest in a brand new computer, if the current one can be fixed or restored.

Our lead technical engineer has literally grown apace with the computer industry and has an in–depth knowledge of the components that make a computer work. His experience in the United States Navy as an electronics technician provided him with the skillset necessary to work with the internal connections of a computer. You can be assured that any engineer that works on your equipment will have more than a point–and–click knowledge of computer hardware.

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