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Are you looking for a company that can provide an end–to–end solution? ICTUS can provide you with a solution that includes data cabling and hubs to wireless access points, switches and routers. Understanding that an investment in your network can cut deeply into your bottom line, ICTUS will always seek a solution that balances state–of–the–art equipment with a budget conscience objective. In other words, we will make recommendations for your network and budget as if it were our own.

ICTUS has the expertise to help you set up and maintain your home or office network, personalizing it to meet your specific needs. Depending on your current equipment and software capabilities, it is possible to fully integrate within your network your email, voicemail, facsimile, and phone system, enabling your company to stand out from the competition with an ability to multi-task and work from literally anywhere.

Our network solutions will take into consideration:

  • Security — from viruses, intrusions, hackers, spyware and spam. We understand that your data is important and not for public consumption.
  • Remote access — saving you time and money. With the advent of more and more work–from–home employees, having secure remote access can be critical to successful productivity.
  • Remote technical assistance — helping you to maintain your bottom line. Why pay to have a technical engineer come on–site if, with your permission, he can access and modify your network as needed remotely.

Let ICTUS help you today to maximize the performance of your software, hardware and network.

ICTUS Communication LLC

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