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ICTUS can provide assistance with upgrades to both your software and hardware. We can help your company upgrade to the latest version of BIOS, hardware drives, software updates, and more. Our technicians have more than a point–and–click education, enabling them to advise you on the most effective options, always cognizant of your company’s bottom line.

Software companies periodically upgrade their programs, releasing new and improved versions. Current users of these programs may have the option to upgrade for free or are willing to pay to upgrade to the latest and greatest version available. It may also be desirable to upgrade your hardware, depending on its performance. This could include upgrading the size of your memory, or the space available on the computer’s hard drive. Considering an upgrade to a completely different platform? ICTUS can help you with that too.

Some programs, such as Windows, also issue updates. These updates can take a few minutes to complete, or several hours. Let ICTUS review all your software programs and update those that have them available. Sometimes an update includes a change to a program that makes that specific program work better, but causes issues for other programs in your computer. By having ICTUS manage your upgrades and updates, we can resolve any issues discovered during the process.

ICTUS Communication LLC

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