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Call Analysis

The cost of a company’s communications can normally be a recurrent overpay of unused and unnecessary telephone lines. As an example, a company has ten telephone lines. Incoming calls are routed through starting at line one and working up to line ten, as needed. Outgoing calls are routed using the same lines, starting with line ten and working its way down to line one, again, as needed. With the advent of new communication technology such as text, email, mobile phones, etc., the company may not be using all ten lines. In fact, lines four through seven may never be used at all, resulting in these lines becoming nothing more than a hit to the bottom line.

Sometimes the inverse is true, and a company is actually losing potential clients due to busy signals or an inability to actually connect with a member of your staff on the phone. Unless someone is kind enough to inform you of the challenges they are facing when trying to call you, you are most likely not even aware of the potential for lost business. Your telephone system may require additional lines to manage incoming, outgoing and voicemail messages during peak times. The decision to add additional lines is one that should be carefully considered using metrics; otherwise, you may end up with more lines than you need.

ICTUS can set up a trace to monitor all of the telephone lines assigned to the company over a set period of time. Upon reviewing the results of our analysis, we will make recommendations on how to streamline your telephone system. Our recommendations may include either eliminating unused but paid for services or the addition of more lines for peak usage. Regardless of our recommendations, ICTUS can implement all approved changes without impacting your normal business operations.

Call Accounting

Want to know which department or employee is making which calls? Is your business one that charges its clients for time spent working for them, including time spent on the telephone? Or perhaps you have certain phones that you want designated for internal use only, such as those located within a warehouse. If any of these scenarios are relevant to your company, then a call accounting program is something that you may want to consider incorporating into your telephone system. Many of today’s telephone systems can be internally programmed to force the user to enter an access code prior to completing the call. Depending on your needs, a system capable of providing real–time output and reporting may be necessary. ICTUS can review your current system and its capabilities, making the recommendations that will work best with your telephone system and business procedures.

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