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Whether your website design was developed by ICTUS or another design company, ICTUS has the experience and knowledge to implement any design into a working site. Taking a one–dimensional design and making it interactive requires not only and understanding of the various design elements but also the programming knowledge to make it work.

It is during the implementation process that you may discover missing pieces in the original design. For example, while most designers provide you with a navigational bar or menu as part of the design, they do not always include any design elements for the interaction. In other words, how will the design evolve with expanding menus, hyperlinks, scrolling images, and new graphics.

At ICTUS, every effort is made to stay true to the design presented for programming. Any deviations from the design will be provided to you so that you may either make the decision on how to proceed yourself or present it to the original designer for their input. All elements of a programmed design will be written in such a way as to be able to be seen correctly across different browsers. Each component of the site will be thoroughly tested for accuracy in display and action.

There are a wide variety of options that can be included in a company website once it is being programmed. If you see something on another website that you really like, be sure to share that information with both the design company and the website programmer so that a determination can be made for as to whether or not that particular element will work for your site too. Website elements can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Single or multiple navigation menus;
  • Interractive or stand–alone menu selections;
  • Animated effects such as slide shows, videos, and rotating graphics;
  • Contact forms, surveys and questionnaires; and
  • Customized banner images, photos, and illustrations;

The complexity of a website can vary from site–to–site and even from page–to–page within a site. ICTUS will propose the implementation of your site as either a flat fee (for small sites) or on a per page basis (for larger, complex sites). Please be advised that because ICTUS is a faith–based company, we reserve the right to determine which projects we are willing to undertake.

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