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Information — the exchange conversation revolves around — happens more than on the phone. Information today is shared via facsimile, email, tweets, blogs, websites and more. Are you funneling all of your information efficiently and productively? Can you afford not to?

Communication is not just limited to your clients – you also converse with your employees. ICTUS has the expertise to review your entire communication network — phone systems, voicemail systems, company websites and much more. All with the focus of identifying ways for your company to communicate more effectively while simultaneously watching the bottom line.

Call Analysis & Accounting

Communication used to always start with a call, but times have changed with the advent of new technology and communication methods. Have you reviewed your phone lines lately to determine if they are still adequate for the volume of business you are doing today? Or the inverse, do you have more than you need resulting in extra expenses hitting your bottom line? Let ICTUS advise you today! Read more >>

Integrated Time Clocks

The most important conversation between a company and its employees usually revolves around payroll. Why not minimize the frustrations and interactions required each payroll cycle by integrating a time clock system with your other communication solutions — saving you time, money and stress! ICTUS can recommend the system that will work best for your company. Read more >>

Virtual Assistance

Streamlining your communication tools so that they may be effectively distributed can take time — time that you and your current staff may not have available. That’s where ICTUS and a virtual assistant can lend a helping hand. Whether converting contacts for easy upload to a CRM system or drafting content for your communication tools, we can help, eliminating the need to burden your current staff with another short–term project. Read more >>

Website Design

Today’s communication arsenal must include a company website. Telephone directories are becoming obsolute as clients use keyboards to search for the products and services needed. Your website should convey your core message and coordinate with the balance of your communication tools to develop a strong brand presence and consistent message. ICTUS can work with you to develop and implement your brand. Read more >>

Website Implementation

Your company may have already invested in the development of a strong brand message, but your designer is not a programmer. Or the cost of programming is too prohibitive to contemplate in the current economic environment, but you fear delaying may mean the loss of income. Fortunately, ICTUS has the experience to convert your design into a finished product at a very competitive rate, enabling you to move forward without hurting your bottom line with a too high investment. Read more >>

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