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Integrated Time Clocks

Tired of the old style punch–in, punch–out time clock that requires someone to gather and decipher the time cards and manually reconcile the discrepancies and enter the information? Today’s technology now provides a more streamlined approach, connecting the time clock to the computer network’s server. All information can be transferred, stored, reviewed and updated from your desk. The technological capabilities of your time clock can be as advanced as you need them to be and range from badges with magnetic strips that are swiped to keypads with employee codes manually entered. An integrated time clock may:

  • Eliminate double–punched entries;
  • Minimize the amount of time spent manually adjusting errors;
  • Automatically incorporate required breaks and lunches;
  • Streamline the process of checking–in and out (including minimizing the “water cooler” effect at the time clock); and
  • Provide reporting capabilities at an employee and company level.

Regardless of the sytem incorporated, your company can save time and money through the increased productivity and efficiency of an integrated time clock. ICTUS can conduct a review of your current business process and recommend the best integrated time clock for your network and practices.

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