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As a communication company, ICTUS is unique, providing services above and beyond traditional telecommunications. Unlike the typical design companies, ICTUS does not require that the website design developed be strictly adhered to, and actually wants its clients to take ownership for the final, completed design — ensuring that the finished product is truly a collaborative effort.

When designing a website for your company, ICTUS takes your ideas, suggestions and recommendations seriously. After all, no one knows your business better than you and your website should be a reflection of that. All website designs take into consideration the ultimate user of the site and every effort is made to create designs that are clean and simple, but never boring!

ICTUS also goes beyond just website desgn — capable of programming any designs created. This programming knowledge ensures that all designs are practical from an implementation standpoint. Nothing is worse than having a designer create your dream website, only to have the programmer tell you that a particular element can’t be done.

Secondly, other communication tools are also taken into consideration when designing a website. Will the design elements transfer nicely to an electronic newsletter, PDF flyer, poster or company sign? If all the tools are not able to continue the design elements of the website, your company can lose the strength of its brand recognition and corporate message.

A prime example of a website designed by ICTUS is our own site. The logo for the company has been creatively incorporated in the menu bar. This theme continues into all of our marketing materials, consistently providing the message that we are first and foremost, a faith–based company and secondly, a broad communications company.

Whether you need a new site, created fresh, or just want an updated look to your current site, ICTUS can develop the perfect design that works for your company and your other communication needs. We have designed and programmed websites for:

  • Local, published author of fiction novels;
  • Domestic prayer ministry;
  • Minnesota based Christian church;
  • A Messianic virtual congregation site and affiliated congregation sites.
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