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Are You Getting Paid for Your Equipment?

Getting Dollars and Cents When Upgrading

Technology is changing faster than most people and companies can keep up. Buy a computer this year and by next year, it is considered old and out of date. But out of date does not necessarily have to mean that the old equipment is worthless. Yes, sometimes it is just electronic junk and there is not much you can do about it. But sometimes, there is a market for the used equipment or a specific component of that equipment. And when there is a market, you might be able to get a little bit of money to help offset the cost of that new upgraded version.

Quick, Easy, and Relatively Painless

We recognize that not everyone is technically savvy enough to know what parts are used to put computer electronics together. Or even which of those parts can be used in something else. And then, of course, you need to determine if there is a market for that particular piece of used equipment that you have. Some components need to be reset, meaning that user information needs to be erased. In other cases, the part might need to be cleaned. Let us know what you have and we can let you know if anything is able to be sold from it.

If you have something that you are upgrading, such as a router, and we have determined that a component of that router, such as the router interface card, has a demand in the marketplace, we can help you determine a fair selling price and help you list it in an online auction. We know how to describe or share the technical aspects so that buyers are fully informed about what is for sale and its capabilities. We will also take care of the shipping and handling for you, all in exchange for a portion of the sales proceeds. To see if any of your outdated and upgraded equipment is able to be sold, contact David Fuller at today.



The exchange conversation revolves around.

Information today is shared in myriad ways: facsimile, emails, tweets, blogs, websites, and more. Are you funneling all of your information efficiently and productively?

Can you afford to continue communicating this way?

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Knowing more than just handsets, jacks, and cables.

We are adept with computers and comprehend the possibilities, and potential problems, of integrating systems with individual communication tools.

Can your current provider trouble shoot end-to-end?

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Rapidly evolving at the speed of technology.

Today's companies must move faster, better, and more efficiently to stay ahead of the competition. What is the speed of your conversation today and is it fast enough?

Can you afford to keep it that way?

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Being united and the quality of the unique.

Does unicity describe your company's marketing strategy? We can help to unify your website and other sales and marketing materials in a unique way that best represents you.

Are you standing out from your competition?

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We believe you are known by the company you keep.

Curious about our logo and company business? We want you to know what our mission is and why you can depend on us to develop a professional relationship you can trust.

Do you really know and trust your providers?

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