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September 2015


Get Help Without Excessive Overhead

No Website May Mean Lost Business

Are You Getting Paid For Your Equipment?



100+ Page Website

Design, program, and maintain a 100+ website for religious organization. Site features PayPal integration, video sliders, and custom landing pages.


ICTUS is a privately held Limited Liability Company founded and registered with the state of Wisconsin in 2010 by David and Chelle Fuller. ICTUS has grown to include national contracts and project-based clients, doubling its growth since its inception. David has been involved in the communications industry since 1992, whereas Chelle has provided administrative support in a wide variety of capacities for over 25 years.

Get Help Without Excessive Overhead

Get Help Without Excessive 

Every company has projects or routine tasks that it needs to get done, but staffing is already maxed out. You could hire another person or negotiate for a temp to come in, increasing your overhead costs. But what if you could get help without any of the additional costs of employment?

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No Website May Mean Lost Business

Website May Mean Lost Business

There are a lot of businesses that still do not have a company website. This leaves potential customers in the dark, unable to find out about you. What affordable options do you have?

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Are You Getting Paid for Your Equipment?

Are You Getting Paid for Your Equipment?

Believe it or not, that old equipment that you have just upgraded may still be worth something to someone else. Here's how we can help you get some return on that investment.

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Check Connections

Emergency calls are costly - incurring same day rates, surcharges, and in some contracts, traveling expenses for the tech, to have a tech come on site because critical equipment is not working. We have learned over the years that many of these emergency work orders could easily have been avoided internally by simply taking the time to check the connections. Even though technology continues to change rapidly, dependence on power, ports, and cables has not completely disappeared. Unplugging and reconnecting power cords, connecting cables, and telephone lines along with restarting the equipment usually fixes basic problems in less than 5 minutes. Having a tech come on site to do the exact same thing can mean those same 5 minutes could potentially cost your company over $100.


The exchange conversation revolves around.

Information today is shared in myriad ways: facsimile, emails, tweets, blogs, websites, and more. Are you funneling all of your information efficiently and productively?

Can you afford to continue communicating this way?

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Knowing more than just handsets, jacks, and cables.

We are adept with computers and comprehend the possibilities, and potential problems, of integrating systems with individual communication tools.

Can your current provider trouble shoot end-to-end?

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Rapidly evolving at the speed of technology.

Today's companies must move faster, better, and more efficiently to stay ahead of the competition. What is the speed of your conversation today and is it fast enough?

Can you afford to keep it that way?

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Being united and the quality of the unique.

Does unicity describe your company's marketing strategy? We can help to unify your website and other sales and marketing materials in a unique way that best represents you.

Are you standing out from your competition?

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We believe you are known by the company you keep.

Curious about our logo and company business? We want you to know what our mission is and why you can depend on us to develop a professional relationship you can trust.

Do you really know and trust your providers?

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