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We currently provide virtual assistance in Illinois and Wisconsin, but are capable of providing this service throughout the United States. We provide other services in a five-state area, inlcuding Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. In fact, in 2012, we drove over 60,000 miles to provide top quality, professional services to our clients.

ICTUS Communication LLCWhile each project is proposed on an individual basis, we generally provide our services within a 50 mile radius of Marion, Wisconsin without charging our clients any additional costs above and beyond the work actually being completed. We are able to cover a larger area by charging a fair rate for each 50 mile increment that we travel beyond our home base. Our rate takes into consideration several factors including current Internal Revenue Service approved reimbursement rates, current cost for gasoline, and the size and scope of the project.

We also ask that our clients provide a per diem hotel fee for those large-scale projects that are several hours from our home base. This ensures that our team has the option of staying at a local hotel opposed to risking injury to themselves or others with long days followed by a long drive home. Safety is paramount.

While the above provides general guidelines, we prefer to provide a personal proposal for each project so that we may take into consideration the scope of the work needed, the transporation required, and whether or not any other concerns need to be addressed. Contact us today if you have a project that you would like ICTUS to consider.

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