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ICTUS can help your business with various kinds of intercom and paging systems, ranging from ceiling speakers in an office environment to paging horns for warehouses or loading docks to intercoms at gated entrances or doors. Most telephone systems enable the integration of an intercom and paging system, providing a streamlined method of communication using a programmed button on your phone and the handset.

Intercoms are not just for businesses — they are a great communication tool for the mult–level or large scale residential property, too. Does your property consist of buildings other than your home? Such as a garage, barn, workshop or shed? An intercom or paging system can work for these environments too, providing easy communication and, in some cases, an increased level of security.

The correct intercom or paging system can save you time and money by eliminating the need to walk any length of distance or use your cell phone minutes to communicate. ICTUS can review your business or residential property and advise the best, cost–effective sytem that works for your home or business needs.

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