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Telecommunications has evolved as rapidly as technology has been introduced. Today’s companies must stay fast and efficient to beat the competition. What is the speed of your conversation today and can you afford to keep it that way? ICTUS provides several telephony services that can help you to keep the conversation going — literally.

Intercom & Paging Systems

Communication needs sometimes involve more than just a telephone. Depending on the layout of your company or residential property, an intercom or paging system can enhance your ability to communicate with your employees or family members. Read more >>

Telephone Systems

When choosing the telephone system for your business, there are a lot of factors that should be considered. Let ICTUS leverage its expertise to help you make the right choice for today and tomorrow. Read more >>

Voicemail Systems

Gone are the days of the dedicated personal secretary taking down telephone messages by hand. In today’s fast–paced environment, voicemail systems are more critical than ever. ICTUS can help you integrate your voicemail system with your telephone system to meet all of your telecommunication needs. Read more >>

Voice Cabling

Voice cabling is just the first step to connecting your telephones with your equipment and the outside world. Trust ICTUS to install your cables in a neat and organized way so that you can quickly identify which cable is used for which purpose. Read more >>

ICTUS Communication LLC

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