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Your logo is one of the most important design components for your company. Not only does it have to help your clients remember who you are and what you do, it also has to help you to attract new business. Logos are synonomous with your company and should always be treated with the utmost respect. In other words, the designer must be able to clearly communicate the parameters of your logo to you, your staff, and any other third–party companies that you choose to work with that require the use of your logo.

At ICTUS, we can help you with the development of your logo. When designing a logo, we carefully consider every possible application for the use of the logo from business cards, to signs, to marketing materials to promotional products. Will the logo work for each scenario? Or will you require the logo to be manipulated for various uses? We also take into consideration who you are, what your business does, and what your company’s personality is. We want your logo to be truly representative of you and your company.

While every effort is made to create a logo that you will love, we recognize that sometimes we are just not able to create the perfect logo for you. ICTUS can provide alternative, cost–effective resources to help broaden the designer pool and options that you have to choose from.

Once a design has been chosen and approved, ICTUS can also coordinate the final product on your behalf, providing your company with an end–to–end solution.

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