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We believe that the greatest designs can be poorly executed in the final stages, which is why we work with a very select group of third–party companies to create the finished product. We want your materials to look their best, but at an affordable price. At ICTUS, we provide our clients with an end–to–end solution that saves you time, money and stress.

First, we ensure that the graphics used are of the highest quality, able to be executed true to color and design. We review printed samples prior to submitting the design to our partners. Once we are satisfied that our work looks impeccable, we then forward the necessary files for the creation of the finished product. But we don’t consider our job done! We request a proof from the suppliers, again ensuring that our expecation for quality is being met. Only then will we approve the proof and permit the final order to be generated.

Unlike other companies, we do this as a courtesy to our clients. We simply pass through the costs of the final product to you, without any markup. We believe in providing our customers with a level of customer service that is second to none.

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